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CataclysmicGD's News

Posted by CataclysmicGD - April 21st, 2018

This one is called the Tentacle Challenge! I now have a new lineup for the tournament:


90 (50 Auto, 40 wildcard)



9 (5 Auto, 4 wildcard)



Warning: This next tournament will have an abundance of A-Rated content! Viewer Discretion is advised!

Posted by CataclysmicGD - April 13th, 2018

Okay. I decided to choose from 2 of the 4, and 1 of the 2.

The winner is: Sarah from Sony-Shock!

2nd: Marina DJ by TwistedGrim

Posted by CataclysmicGD - April 13th, 2018

We now have 4 entries left.

Those entries are:

Sarah by Sony-Shock

Friends by KoffeeSpace

urara ra rara ra by bocodamondo

Marina DJ by TwistedGrim


Posted by CataclysmicGD - April 13th, 2018

Well, we're in the home stretch. The quarterfinalists. And now, all entries are from different users!

Quarterfinalists: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CoLtFT_xT9ZT6gf9WKma7j_z6lxrDzbIAQ1R0B9YEk0/edit?usp=drivesdk


Posted by CataclysmicGD - April 13th, 2018

We're getting close! Almost there.

Savage 16: https://bit.ly/2vcmjLL


Posted by CataclysmicGD - April 13th, 2018

Well, I managed to judge the Super 64 (or for nostalgia, Nintendo 64)! Here are the results for who made it to the thrifty 32, but first, I want to note some changes:

I had misspelled Derpixon at one point on the original results. That is now fixed.

The results will now be on a Google Doc instead of on the news post.

One of the competitors works was removed for an unknown reason, so there is now 1 alternate.

Anyway, here is the link: https://bit.ly/2HhJJnV

Posted by CataclysmicGD - March 10th, 2018

Automatic Winners (50):
[PKE] Catalyst by Kerrts
[PKE] Axiom by Kerrts
Sweet Stroll by CuteNikeChan
Heart Kirby by NE-O-N
She's from another DIMENSIONNNNN by SouredApple
EcchiBoy by MatthewLopz
Blondie Gets a 5 Minute Break by G3no
Nintendo Labo by TheShadling
Cake by Derpixion
Disliking your work... by mikemichaelmic
Valentine's Day Karen by 002Usario
Blizzard Queen by TreC101
Star Envy Chapter 5 Preview 2/2 by Luibluw
Float by Homunc
Summer Heat by ShirukenNG
Jello Battle by ZeTrystan
Money VS Love by 3DRod
Sarah by Sony-Shock
Chokepoint: Kimiko by MackleNG
(M) Concentration 8 by Bittersoda
(M) Curly Sleep by ZedrinBot
After the Birth by pandatails
Abra used Psychic by DanFromBavaria
Lunch by yukinori
Omelette by FroggyWithFries
Melusine update by estherfanworld
[ILX] Hefty Words by Kerrts
Friends by KoffeeSpace
lovely lucoa by SprayonBerries
Elma by TwistedGrim
Kelly! by SkyFall-Leafy
Pink by WeeStiv
Curly by ZedrinBot
(M) Hunting path by Trebuxet
Mercy - Morrigan Cosplay 2018
Sweetheart by Derpixon
Violet Panty Tease by nevarky
Chill Sunday by YakovlevArt
Pixel Spa by kurumilover
SMUG WENDY - GIF by Derpixon
Dancing by TwistedGrim
Pixen - Ring the bells! by Derpixon
INKTOBER 2017 by Ephyse
Zelda and the Spring of Power by Sabastic
Tifa by Zakuga
Ocean Man by TheShadling
urara ra rara ra by bocodamondo
(M) Merry xmASS by TwistedGrim
Honey at the Hover Bar by BONESofBURIED
doesn't matter what, where or when by G3no

Wildcard Winners (14):
You Stole My Heart | Artist Guild Collab! by Zaccura
Dead Valentines by AlixBalica
Darling and Devious by DavidandBE
[FAN] Ahsokylo by Kerrts
Casual by TwistedGrim
Big Bang by TheShadling
Vampy by PaulsInfinity
Pixel Dailies - "Emoji" by goawayimcrabby
A Lady by DrGless
would you sign it? by G3no
Deer Moon by ArtofBrad
Judy by Namenlos
(M) Hilda by Namenlos
Marina DJ by TwistedGrim

These are the works going to the round of 64.
Good Luck to all

Posted by CataclysmicGD - March 4th, 2018

Alright, we're here! The 100 best submissions I've seen in a long while! Before we start, here are some shoutouts to "Dat Giantz," the artists who have 3 or more submissions on this list.

Dat Giantz:

TheShadling - 6

TwistedGrim - 6

Kerrts - 4

G3no - 4

Derpixon - 4

Namenlos - 3


Good Luck to All of You!


Posted by CataclysmicGD - February 14th, 2018


My unknown playlist Series will no longer repeat artists excessively. All art added to the playlist will be from the featured art, popular art, and brand spankin new art sections for tournament reasons. Speaking of tournaments, here are the rounds:

  1. Round of 100
  2. Round of 64 (50 Automatic Winners, 14 Wildcards)
  3. Round of 32
  4. Round of 16
  5. Quarterfinals (8)
  6. Semifinals (4)
  7. Finals (1v1)

In news posts, M and A rated art will be labelled by their respective ratings.

Posted by CataclysmicGD - August 22nd, 2017

Hey, bitches!

Follow these rules!

Thanx, Flux3on